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Ridsect Lizard Repellent


For Lizard

Duration Last at least 6 weeks after every spray/application.

Capacity 250ml. / 500ml.

Ridsect Lizard Repellent

Only repels and does not kill lizards.

Non Toxic.

No insecticide.

Each application will last at least 6 weeks.

Way of use

Step 1

Spray on hiding places of lizards such as wall areas behind cabinets, pictures and paintings, refrigerators, clocks, calendars, curtains etc.


Step 2

Special attention should be given to wall or ceiling areas around lights to make sure that they are well sprayed.


Step 3

After spraying turn the can upside down and press spray head for about 2 seconds to clear the valve and spray nozzle. Close the unit when not in use.


Step 4

To prevents lizards from coming into the house from outside, spray on areas surrounding door and window frames, gutters, ventilation holes etc.


Ridsect Lizard Repellent spray does not kill lizards. Eah spray on the surface will deter the lizard's ability to cling onto the surface. Spraying at the relevant entry points of your home prevents lizards from entering from outside.


Spray at 50cm distance from targeted surface and spray thin layer (1 meter length per 1 second of spray). Allow for 30min drying time.